Virtual Gastric Band

"Hi Caterina. Just letting you know the GB working . Have lost 10.5 kg."

"Have worn the slim dress to a work do...   Feel very good. Still have to work at it. Platoed for a while . 5-8 still to go ideally. But really pleased with self. And so pleased I came to see you."

"Thanks so much. Cheers" - J :)



"After two major setbacks in my personal life, my weight had increased to over a hundred kilos.   I didn’t like how I felt and looked and was feeling unhappy.  I decided it was time to get control again.  A friend told me about VGB and she was thinking about doing it and I thought I would give it a go.  I was sceptical but I thought I need to try something.  After my first session, I decided to give it my best. I started that night using a smaller plate for my meals and selected healthy options to eat.  I liked the fact that I didn’t have to write the food down that I had eaten.  I often told myself I need to eat to live not live to eat.  After a couple of weeks, I began to see a little change and my friend and I compared notes and supported one another.  After seeing the change in myself, I took more control and got motivated and started walking most days.  It has been easy making the change and the biggest surprise for me was not craving chocolate.  I can go through the checkout at the supermarket and not worry about the snacks there.
I am so grateful to Caterina who has empowered me to gain my life back again.  Caterina is very supportive and provides encouragement along the way.   I am still on my journey to a new me and pleased with my progress so far.  It has been nice getting positive comments from others.  I have lost 17 kilos in 7 months and looking forward to hitting the 20-kilo mark".     R.  Hamilton




So far I have lost around 7kg in 3 months - a great accomplishment for me especially as im leading an incredibly busy life with 2 kids (1 baby) and a full time job as well as the normal day to to day functions.
I enjoy the fact that there is nothing unnatural about this process. It doesn't mean you have to take pills, go without certain foods, or starve yourself. Its just being more conscious about your decisions that your making. It also opens up your conscious to other aspects of your life - which all influence each other. I feel I am more open to my mind and I am able to be more aware of whats going on around me. I am making better food choices, and realizing that I do not need to eat til I am sickly full (something which was my prior signal that I had eaten enough).
Although the weight isn't a large number, i have dropped a dress size which is awesome!   T. Waikato 
"Hi Caterina
Thankyou for the VGB resources and snack tips you have sent me.
I really enjoyed the session today and feel very positive that I will get the results I want. I cannot believe that I went to the warehouse got my plants and never even thought about getting any spearmint leaves. 
The thought of a salad with an egg and Salmon seems really appealing to me for dinner tonight rather than a bag of sweets".  G.M.
"I have been overweight for most of my life and like many overweight people have tried most diets to varying degrees of success and failure.
I decided to give the VGB hypnotherapy a try because I knew I needed help getting my mind in the right place. I was a bit scared as I had never tried it before and because you see some strange things that people do when hypnotised on TV, but decided to have an open mind and go for it.
I am so very thankful that I did, as this weight loss experience has been completely different. Right from day one, I have felt in control and over time have developed a healthy relationship with food. No longer do I starve myself for the sake of losing a few kilo' longer do I go to bed starving and on the verge of tears.... I listen....well really I fall asleep with Caterina telling me about my stomach being the size of a golf ball every night and each day I wake up not even thinking about food.
Some days my stomach is the size of a basketball and other days it is the size of a golf ball, but food does not rule me anymore. I eat when I am hungry and I eat what I feel like - but unbelievably I am only eating small amounts compared to what I was used to. I still have indulgences when the need arises - but I no longer feel guilty or beat myself up about it. Food no longer has control over me - I can take it or leave it.
I began VGB on 21st December 2015 and have lost 10.1 kgs. I only weigh myself when I feel like it - which is another mindshift as previously I would have been like a "scales junkie" needing my weekly fix and beating myself up if I didn't lose the desired 1 kgs per week. 
So If you are thinking about giving this a advice, get yourself ready - open your mind, prepare yourself for surgery and believe in it. You will not regret it.
I'd say good luck - but luck has nothing to do with it".            T.M.
"Hi we are two brothers from the Waikato area
We have been on the virtual gastric band programme for two months now we both have  lost around 12 ,to 14 kg and still losing ;
We have found this programme to be life changing. for us with attainable goals with expert guidance from Caterina at Koru Self Development"        M & P 

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