"I cant stop Reiking everything, I am so grateful to be gifted something so empowering. Thank you to you for shaing your knowledge with me."   K - Hamilton

"Wow an awesome experience, level 1 Reiki has opened my mined to a new technique I would totally recommend. Thank you Caterina. It was an awesome day and experience I will never forget" . S -Hamilton

"Thank you for an amazing day.You make learning so much fun :-) I felt great last night and slept really well.I have had an awesome day today too." L - Hamilton

"Loved Reiki 2. Found it very interesting and exciting. Lovely, lovely." C - Hamilton

"Has been a great experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed our Reiki Group"  L - Cambridge

"Fully enjoyed it"  C - Hamilton

"Absolutely lovely experience" J - Cambridge

"Thank you so much for the honour of learning Reiki 2 with you." N - Hamilton

"It's fantastic. You're doing an amazing job :-). " E - Waikato

"All aspects were excellent.  The course fully met my expectations.  I liked the emphasis on ethics" - L - Hamilton


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and everything I learnt will be of great value.  I'm really looking forward to furthering my practice and spiritual journey in Reiki. Thanks Caterina :-) "   J- Waikato


"A great course.  Very thorough and enjoyable"  Anon


"Really enjoyed the course and feel I got out of it everything I needed to.  Looking forward to the share groups!  Thank You."   K - Hamilton


"After Reiki first day, I went home and needed to cry.  I felt so much better afterwards.  There must have been such a release into me.  Thank you."   Anon

"It has assured me to continue learning Reiki and become a Reiki Master.  Caterina is excellent as a teacher and mentor".   C - Hamilton


"Amazing, thanks so much!  I feel the heat so strongly already!".  D.  Hamilton


"Really enjoyed the whole course.  Thank you Caterina :-) 100%" .  Great workshop, very informative". S - Waikato. 





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