"I cant stop Reiking everything, I am so grateful to be gifted something so empowering. Thank you to you for shaing your knowledge with me."   K - Hamilton

"Wow an awesome experience, level 1 Reiki has opened my mined to a new technique I would totally recommend. Thank you Caterina. It was an awesome day and experience I will never forget" . S -Hamilton

"Thank you for an amazing day.You make learning so much fun :-) I felt great last night and slept really well.I have had an awesome day today too." L - Hamilton

"Loved Reiki 2. Found it very interesting and exciting. Lovely, lovely." C - Hamilton

"Has been a great experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed our Reiki Group"  L - Cambridge

"Fully enjoyed it"  C - Hamilton

"Absolutely lovely experience" J - Cambridge

"My experience with the Holy Fire Masters Training with Caterina was absolutely profound. Not only did I learn a lot about this avenue of Reiki from a theory perspective, which was truly fascinating, I also experienced personal healing and break through in my own life. Receiving Holy Fire Reiki has deeply shifted many blocks that have stopped me from truly connecting to and loving my self. It has hands down been one of the most powerful and incredible things that I have done in my life.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is wanting a deeper sense of personal freedom, an intense acceptance and love for Self and others. For those who want to truly get to know and connect with who they really are and the truth of their authentic self in a way that brings overwhelming inner peace and contentment. S.B (Hamilton) 

"Thank you so much for the honour of learning Reiki 2 with you." N - Hamilton

"It's fantastic. You're doing an amazing job :-). " E - Waikato

"All aspects were excellent.  The course fully met my expectations.  I liked the emphasis on ethics" - L - Hamilton


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and everything I learnt will be of great value.  I'm really looking forward to furthering my practice and spiritual journey in Reiki. Thanks Caterina :-) "   J- Waikato


"A great course.  Very thorough and enjoyable"  Anon


"Really enjoyed the course and feel I got out of it everything I needed to.  Looking forward to the share groups!  Thank You."   K - Hamilton


"After Reiki first day, I went home and needed to cry.  I felt so much better afterwards.  There must have been such a release into me.  Thank you."   Anon

"It has assured me to continue learning Reiki and become a Reiki Master.  Caterina is excellent as a teacher and mentor".   C - Hamilton


"Amazing, thanks so much!  I feel the heat so strongly already!".  D.  Hamilton


"Really enjoyed the whole course.  Thank you Caterina :-) 100%" .  Great workshop, very informative". S - Waikato. 


"The journey of becoming a Reiki master has taken my understanding, awareness and practice to a whole new level.  Caterina is a wonderful facilitator she has a unique balance of knowledge, wisdom and fun and weaves love and compassion throughout everything she teaches.  I am extremely grateful to Caterina for supporting me on my Reiki Master journey which in essence is learning to master oneself.  The ongoing support and sense of community with the monthly Reiki share group Caterina provides keeps the connection for us all alive and enables us to truly imbibe Reiki at every level of life."  M.A (Hamilton)

" Thank you so much for holding such a wonderful space.  What an enjoyable course.  It was a beautifully presented course" (J.W) Hamilton.

"Thank you for everything".  S.E. Hamilton.

"Loved the attunement process and group Reiki.  You are amazing at whay you do and I am so blessed to be part of your "family". T.M - Hamilton

Becoming a Reiki master was an obvious choice when I first met Caterina, she exudes a very genuine spiritual glow.  Her teaching and guidance was so relaxing and mindful during the three days of our initiation.  I feel that the Reiki energy and beneficial effects, flow through all areas of my life.  An important addition is the way Caterina continues to selflessly support us in every way possible.   Furthermore she facilitates our monthly Reiki Share evenings which keep us all in contact, and practising our healing.         P. R.(Hamilton)





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