"Hi Caterina,
I wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my weight loss and weight management.  After only one session, I was already thinking differently about food and how I felt about myself.  I lost a kilo within the first week. I may have lost more but I don't feel the need to jump on the scales every five minutes! I now eat when I am hungry and I stop when I am full.  Last week I experienced a rather stressful day and normally I would have turned to chocolate and wine to make me feel better but this time I decided that wasn't going to make me feel better and got on the treadmill instead!  I listen to the cd every day and know that if I need to, I can see you again to refresh.  Finding the right person to help makes all the difference and you have certainly helped me.  Once again, thank you!!!"

"The hypnosis has helped me move from being in the process of giving up to being and feeling like an ex-smoker. It has also given me tools to successfully deal with weak or difficult moments if they come along."


"Going to Caterina helped me overcome a personal barrier which has helped me in advancing my career. Something I probably would not have been able to do without her help."



"I saw Caterina to help with anxiety around public speaking and blushing when put on the spot during work place meetings. Caterina was kind and encouraging in her approach. She encouraged me to talk about my experiences in a way that made me feel safe and not judged. She also reduced my anxiety by bringing to my attention how common this problem is. She used a combination of NLP and hypnosis, with very positive effects. I now feel much more in control during stressful situations. I very rarely feel nervous anymore, and when I do I can use the breathing techniques she taught me to bring the anxiety under control. I'm so pleased I met Caterina! Something that used to be a negative centre point of my working life, is now all but non-existent." Chris

"I went to Caterina to get some help overcome my nerves for a dance performance. I was worried that I would be so nervous that I would not be able to remember all the steps in my dance routines. Caterina also recorded a cd for me to listen to every day, which I did, and I am happy to say that every step came to me and I felt so happy and excited on the night, that I felt like I was smiling from the inside out, just like she said I would. Since then Caterina has taken me for a session and also recorded a cd for me for gaining slimness. I am at present listening to this daily and finding it easier to walk past the lollies and temptations more easily."

Margaret T

"Hypnotherapy had an immediate effect on me. It has helped me relax and sleep easier and deeper. I would get quite anxious over certain things before and I now have the tools/techniques to calm myself and put things in a different perspective, its like I have a different mindset. I have noticed a huge difference as has my husband, I would definitely recommend it to others."

Relieved M (age 30)

"The hypnosis session I attended with Caterina has uplifted my life in many ways by giving me the confidence to present myself in different situations without becoming self conscious, anxious and numb with nerves. It is great to feel confident and composed and to be able to enhance this through daily positive affirmation. I am extremely grateful to Caterina for helping me through my difficulties and highly recommend her sessions to anyone who needs to overcome feelings of self-consciousness, anxiety and nervousness when having to present in front of other people."


"I have done Hypnotherapy with Caterina and it was the best phone call I ever made when I contacted her. Caterina has helped me with study, weightloss and also helped me become a better wife and Mum I highly recommend Caterina to everyone" :)


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