Hi Caterina,

My husband Wayne and I attended your hypnobirthing classes a few months ago and are now very excited to announce the arrival of our little boy Luke, born 28th November weighing 7lbs 7oz. He is a gorgeous boy and we couldn't be prouder! Luke's birth was an incredible experience and I am so thrilled to say that it is an experience I really enjoyed and left me feeling empowered, strong and ecstatic! I believe the techniques that we learnt in your classes are what contributed to such a beautiful birth that was peaceful, calm and relaxing. From the moment I had discovered that my waters had broken early in the morning, I took myself to a peaceful place, doing the breathing techniques I was taught. Every time I looked at the clock I was amazed at how fast time was flying! I welcomed each surge, knowing that they were bringing my beautiful baby closer to me. I also spoke to baby after each one, telling them they were doing a great job and that we were working together as a team - me, baby and my husband. I would describe each surge as a sensation - not painful as each was extremely bearable and by the time I had done my calm breathing up and up and up, they had passed. One thing that stuck out to me during your classes was when you asked us to visualise how long our labour and birth would be. For some reason, five hours stuck in my mind, however being a first time Mum, I did think this was a little unrealistic and too good to be true. However, five hours kept coming to me and in the lead up to Luke's birth I would visualise five hours as I practiced my breathing techniques and affirmations so you can imagine how amazed I was when the midwife told me my total labour and birth time was 4 hours and 55 minutes! My sister who was present for his birth also told me how inspiring the birth was and that it made her feel like she could actually do it one day - she can't wait to take your class in the future! Sorry about the long email but I just wanted to share our amazing experience and show you some photos of our lil guy! Thank you so much for your wonderful hypnobirthing class - I could not recommend it enough and I look forward to having another hypnobirth in the future!

All the best,


P.S. Luke is a very chilled baby - he even came out very chilled, not screaming but instead very calm and alert - it was like he looked at me and thanked me for having such a peaceful entrance into the world

Hi Caterina,
I gave birth to my baby boy on 16 March. I practiced my hypnobirthing almost everyday from about 30 weeks pregnant I listened to Jeff Clarkson or your preparing for birth mp3 while practicing relaxation breathing. I also practiced J breathing every morning and visualised my birth.

I went in to labour in the very early hours of the 15th March however my contractions disappeared once the sun came up so I carried on as normal that day, tried to rest and eat as well as going for small walks.

That night around 6pm things started to ramp up again. I used the breathing techniques with every contraction, had low light and made the lounge comfortable with yoga balls, matresses and blankets.

Around midnight that night things were pretty intense. Giles, my partner, started playing your labour day mp3 and I immediately went back in to my completely relaxed state. My mum couldn't believe how well it worked (all that practice paid off!) 
I continued breathing and focusing throughout the night and into the morning and also used hot towels on my lower back for pain relief.

We went to the hospital at 10:30am on 16 March and I had Rio at 2:32pm.

The J breathing stage started around 12:30pm and my body took over more than I expected. 
I continued using your labour day mp3 up until 30mins before labour.

It was an amazing experience and I was so proud how I coped with everything - very within my myself and focused.

My midwife was blown away and wanted to bottle me and put me in a pill to give to pregnant women smile emoticon I think she will promote the hypnobirthing technique now.

I have attached some photos of my labour.
Thank you so much for educating me and giving me the tools to have an amazing labour!

"The hypno birthing course I did with Caterina really helped to change my negative, fearful attitude towards childbirth and gave me confidence that I could have a natural, home water birth. The positive affirmations were particularly helpful in creating a healthy mindset, and I made some A3 laminated posters of positive childbirth affirmations which I put on my wall, above my birthing shrine. My son, Kian Cedar was born on 17th Dec at home in a water pool, weighing 8lbs, 4oz and I only used accupressure points and a tens machine for pain relief. The affirmations made me determined to get through the surges without drugs and gave me strength and courage. It was a 29 hr labour and I missed two nights sleep before he was born, but i did it and am incredibly proud and empowered by my birthing experience and we have a beautiful, healthy son. He was born by the Christmas tree, to the music Om Shanti.

I thoroughly recommend doing this course with Caterina, who I believe is a fantastic teacher and support and truly made a difference in us having our dream of a natural birth come true. Thank you so much Caterina, your words of encouragement and support were with me the whole way."

I knew the Hyponobirthing classes had worked following this conversation...

"Have you had any pain killers?" asked the stand-in midwife.


"Do you want any?"

"What for?" I responded with a little grin.

My labour had progressed very fast. I felt the first contractions at midnight and Glen was born at 4.37am. I was in no pain as I relaxed and focussed on my breathing and worked through the visualisation techniques I had learned. It was empowering to know I could relax and have my body and mind work in sync.

Susan O'Halloran

"Lilly Grace born 9:37pm Saturday night 10-12-11. She is lovely and weighs 7.4lbs. The whole process was totally euphoric and enjoyable. No pain at all! We used lots of hypnobirthing techniques and it was as peaceful and dreamy as we had imagined. Thank you for all of your support and blessings. Our friends and birth team were all amazed at how blissed out I was throughout the whole birth (labour only 6 hours). We could not have done it without our knowledge and the help of Lucy Limpy!!
We used the relaxation CD and music throughout the labour and now Lilly finds it most soothing when she is feeding. What can I say... .Thanks again! "
Jenny Kay – 1st baby

"Due to the Hypnobirthing techniques learnt, I was able to feel in control during labour. During waves I was very pleased to have a strong focus, and believe this focus on surge breathing enabled me to stay drug free for many hours.


Although a Caesarean was eventually necessary due to a large baby/small pelvis, Alan and I were able to accept what was best for baby and me, remaining calm throughout all events during the day. Theatre staff were surprised to hear we were about to be 1st time parents as we were “so calm and relaxed”.


Sincere thanks to Caterina for her genuine caring nature before, during and after the Hypnobirthing course. I would recommend this course to those who want to approach a very special day feeling prepared and confident."




"I did hypnobirthing classes with Caterina. They were wonderful and I had a beautiful pain free birth. I highly recommend all pregnant women see Caterina to learn the wonderful relaxation techniques which helped me through labour. Thanks Caterina, I really appreciate the extra mile you went to help us have a natural and healthy birth :)"

Rhiannan 1st baby

"If you are looking for a way to assist and relax you during the 'surges' received during labour, I would suggest hypno-therapy. For myself I initially sought a way to have a more enjoyable natural labour, however the skills learned became even more important when my labour took an unexpected course. You can choose/adapt the techniques to suit and the materials/CD's received are invaluable tools, assisting you to relax leading up to and on your birthing day. My thanks to Caterina for her interest and support prior to and after the safe arrival of our son."

K. Quinn

"We had a little boy called Albie. 4 hour labour. 2 minute contractions from the start. In and out of hospital in the blink of an eye. We had the most beautiful wonderful birth. A really healing and amazing experience!!!"

Ida 2nd baby

"When I first became pregnant I was sure that childbirth was going to be the most difficult, painful and traumatic experience of my life - I was petrified, and I wanted every form of pain-relief known to man-kind.
A few months before I was due I stumbled across HypnoBirthing. I read the book within a matter of days. The theories behind this pain-free and relaxed childbirth all seemed to make complete sense to me, yet I still found it a bit hard to believe that a calm and easy birth was actually possible. However I enrolled for the classes which started when I was 33 weeks and made sure I practiced my breathing and relaxations as much as possible. Going in to the birth I still wasn't really sure what to expect.

The birth of our baby girl was relatively fast (7 hours in total) and a very rewarding experience, both of which I attribute to hypno-birthing and the relaxed frame of mind it gave me. Since her birth she has been a calm and easy baby. Thanks hypno-birthing!"

Thanks Caterina for all your help and making me believe that a HypnoBirth is possible - worth every cent I reckon!"
Bridget – 1st baby

"I first heard about the possibility of a calm, peaceful and pain free birth on a current affairs show on TV. It was the first time I’d considered that birth doesn’t have to be excruciating and agonising. It was some years before I’d be thinking about starting a family, however, it made a big impression on me and I knew that when the time came, this would be something I would investigate further.

Years later I again came across the method in an article in a magazine. A mother had experienced an extremely traumatic birth for her first child, and had turned to the techniques of Hypnobirthing for her second – with much success! I kept this article and when the time came, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to pursue this kind of birth for my baby.

I researched online and found two Hypnobirthing practitioners in my area. After talking to them both on the telephone I felt very comfortable with Caterina’s gentle manner, and decided to book a class with her.

I was lucky to have the support of my husband, who was very sceptical of the concept - being more of a practical guy. He was very anxious about the birth itself, so I hoped that some of the fears would be alleviated by the end of the course – as you can imagine, a nervous birthing partner does not make for a calm birth!

We were sent the Hypnobirthing book first, and I read it just about in one sitting – it was fascinating. I gained an understanding of exactly why we had come to believe the birthing experience is what it is today, and how incredibly wrong we had it. By the end of the book I truly believed I could have the birthing experience I desired and I was very much looking forward to starting the class and putting into practice the techniques used in the book.

The class was extremely beneficial to us. Every week we practiced various relaxation techniques. To get the practice is great, but the relaxation itself was amazing. Caterina was very effective in helping us achieve these deep states of relaxation, and they became more and more familiar to me as the weeks passed by, to a point where I can now go into these states of relaxation on my own. These techniques are also transferable to any areas of my life – I have used them in stressful work situations and will continue to use them long after the birth of my baby.

We learnt a lot of practical techniques as well. Caterina’s knowledge of the birthing process complimented her teaching and gave it a great deal of credibility. By the end of the course we really had no unanswered questions, but Caterina’s ongoing support means we feel at ease to contact her should we have any questions leading up to the big day!

We received many useful resources each week – relaxation exercises, visualisations, practical tools for the birthing partner to use. Caterina also had a number of books and DVDs which we were able to borrow during the course.

By the end of the course, my sceptical husband was totally “sold” on the Hypnobirthing method. He is now fully confident and I feel completely secure in the knowledge that he will support me and guide me through our birthing experience. He truly believes in the methods taught to us. We feel so well prepared, and really excited about the day! We know that no matter what turn our birthing takes,we will be at peace and our baby will enter the world in a calm environment. We can’t wait to share our story of what a wonderful birth experience we had!"

"Thought I would email you to say that our beautiful baby girl was born on the 31st of Aug (1 day early) at 2.30 am. I had a fantastic 7 hour water birth and couldn't believe how smoothly It all went.

I was able to breath through all of my surges and kept waiting for them to get stronger and they never did. I was alert and happy through out the whole labour even managing to laugh and make jokes.

My midwife was amazed at how well everything went, she just sat in and watched the labour unfold with out having to get involved at all. Brydie is a fantastic feeder and has put on 330grams in her 1st week and is now sleeping 4-5 hours between feeds.

I just want to say a huge thank you for giving us the chance to have such a positive birthing experience."

Andrea - 2nd baby


"I personally found the Hypnobirthing course more useful than the Antenatal course we attended.I gained a good understanding of the birthing process and this helped to remove a lot of fear.The course was good preparation and we were able to manage well on the day, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it."


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