Testimonials - Life Coaching

"My first experience of Caterina’s was as a work colleague and during discussion about her upcoming course in Life Coaching we soon found that I was interested in taking this forward on a personal level.
I attended several sessions with Caterina and at each session experienced very strong feelings about the programme, this always started with apprehension to what was next through to an eagerness to meet to discuss progress.

The challenges that I felt I needed to overcome were explored and broken down into manageable targets. Occasionally, the feeling during the session was both emotional and over whelming, realising that the only person that could make things better was my self came as a reality check. Caterina always displayed a great deal of empathy, but was supportive in reaching a way forward.

Unfortunately, Caterina moved before I completed the programme, though maintained contact and continued to send some uplifting emails, in particular the ones that were thought provoking, I felt that this was turning point in my life, it has given me the courage to see that I am a good person and entitled to have some thought for myself without the guilt.

In conclusion, I would recommend Caterina to any person who has explored this area, and would happily give my recommendation to Caterina’s professionalism, motivation and commitment to her clients during the programme."

Margaret S

"As a life coach I found Caterina to be a warm and sincere coach who helped me to put my life goals into focus and then take action. Together we looked at the emotional blocks and challenged my belief system. We unlocked my true desires in life and discussed the necessary steps to achieve them. We also looked at ways to let past disappointment go. I am now writing the novel I always wanted to. Being able to write down your goals and have someone like Caterina sit down with you and work through them each week was an enormous help. So is being able to look back and see how far I have come."